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Mist Shower

Mist Shower:

The Mist shower is a self-contained chamber that sprays a fine mist inside the chamber. This is done while persons exit the potent facility (while leaving the gowns will be wet sprayed). Wet surfaces won't shred any particles into atmosphere and thus the mist shower became a popular in the Pharmaceutical industry.

PR PHARMA ENGINEERS manufacture Mist Showers to ensure that gowns are wet from all the sides. We incorporate intelligent controls to ensure the exact / correct time is allocated to wet the dress.

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Salient Features:

  • MOC                       :  Stainless Steel 304/316
  • Door                       :  Solid Door with Electro Magnet Interlocking
  • Blower                   :  Statically & Dynamically balanced
  • Power Supply       :  230V AC, 11∅, 50HZ
  • Interlocking           :  Programmable Time Delay on Either Side
  • Air Cleanliness     :  ISO 5/Class 100
  • Misting Time        :  Programmable Time Spray
  • Door Models         : Straight Thru, ''L'' -Type