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Laminar Airflow

Laminar Airflow Units:

LAMINAR AIR FLOW UNITS provide air with laminar speed to avoid the survival of microbes. The air flow can be vertical or horizontal. Selection of the flow direction depends on the process.

PR PHARMA ENGINEERS understand the relation between the laminarity and survival of microbes better, and thus while manufacturing we ensure the entire working area maintains laminar velocity.

We ensure the dead pockets between the two filters are minimal and noise level of the units are within the limit.

PR PHARMA ENGINEERS units are self-contained and each has its own diagnostic tool to ensure results are continuous.

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Salient Features:

  • MOC                      :  GI powder coated or S.S 304/316
  • Door                      :  Electro Magnet Interlocking
  • Blower                  :  Statically & Dynamically balanced
  • Power Supply      :   230V AC, 11∅, 50HZ
  • Interlocking          :   Programmable Time Delay on Either Side
  • Air Cleanliness     :  ISO 5/Class 100
  • Air Flow                 :  Veritcal Down flow with Recirculation
  • P.D across HEPA  :  Analog/Digital